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"Dizzy with a dame"

Can you keep a secret? Behind the large wooden door inside Lazy Bastard is an antique elevator shaft that will take you back in time.


When the maître d' asks "What floor?", tell them the password to be let in.

Inside is ABV or Alcohol by Volume, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar that’s reminiscent of the secret lounges in the 1920s.

ABV pays homage to the master craftsmen of yesteryear who fueled a nation with classic cocktails inspired by the dangerous and excessive nature of Prohibition era-New York.

We offer a bevy of drinks, from signature cocktails and forgotten classics, to a fine selection of absinthes. Don’t be fooled by the limited items on the menu. Ask for the “Bible” for a more extensive list of what our skilled bartenders can create. Can’t find anything that tickles your fancy? We’ll make a unique concoction just for you.

ABV takes pride in creating an exclusive space for the modern-day Gatsby’s and Fitzgerald’s to talk about ideas, share stories, and bask in the joys of life over a carefully-crafted drink.

Join ABV’s Masterclass and get the opportunity to craft classic and signature cocktails in one of the best bars in Manila.

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